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Some confusion for eyelash buyers

Sometimes customers see samples that are particularly satisfying, but when they are looking at the bulk, they are disappointed and not as perfect as the samples. There is also a large number of products received and the samples received are not the same, it looks a lot. There is also a large number of products received with a pungent smell, no hair peaks, the roots are very stiff, not easy to glue, and the eyelashes are disorderly, not neat. Injecting such problems, etc.

Some eyelash merchants offer quality samples to trick you into buying large quantities. But when you buy them in large quantities, they will provide you with poor quality eyelashes. Many vendors may do this to save costs and get more profit. But as a supplier of eyelashes for 10 years, we solemnly promise that our eyelashes will always be of the same quality. Some suppliers have low requirements for eyelash technology in order to save costs, and the control of quality supervision may not care at all. Our company does not miss every detail of the quality requirements of each pair of eyelashes. Some Mink Lash suppliers use inferior glue, which causes the eyelashes to be too hard. Too sharp eyelashes can hurt the user’s eyes. Spicy chemical odors result from the use of chemicals that can easily produce 3D effects at low cost. These chemicals can cause damage to your health.

So if you choose to cooperate with us to choose our eyelash products, it is equivalent to choosing a life-long guaranteed product, so that you will be very happy with each transaction.


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