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The meaning of false eyelashes for meThe meaning of false eyelashes for me

False eyelashes are artificial eyelashes used to decorate the eyes. They can also be said to bea kind of art. They can be lengthened, thickened, and given different shapes to make the glasses look bigger, brighter, and more  God is richer.There is a saying that eyes are the windows of the soul, and the eyes can emit light, and through the eyes, others can get a lot of information.  

Of course, eyelashes are a very important part of the eye, and the eyelashes show an elf-like temperament between the swaying movements.fact, every small eyelash is like every unhappy thing in life, but each small eyelash seems to represent happiness, happiness, happiness, sunshine and positive. Like our colorful life, all kinds of emotions are independent but blend together,

I think the meaning of false eyelashes is to give people who want to become beautiful a kind of power, an invisible and mysterious force, to make beautiful people become confident, elegant and powerful.False eyelashes, let us bring it

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Some confusion for eyelash buyers

Sometimes customers see samples that are particularly satisfying, but when they are looking at the bulk, they are disappointed and not as perfect as the samples. There is also a large number of products received and the samples received are not the same, it looks a lot. There is also a large number of products received with a pungent smell, no hair peaks, the roots are very stiff, not easy to glue, and the eyelashes are disorderly, not neat. Injecting such problems, etc.

Some eyelash merchants offer quality samples to trick you into buying large quantities. But when you buy them in large quantities, they will provide you with poor quality eyelashes. Many vendors may do this to save costs and get more profit. But as a supplier of eyelashes for 10 years, we solemnly promise that our eyelashes will always be of the same quality. Some suppliers have low requirements for eyelash technology in order to save costs, and the control of quality supervision may not care at all. Our company does not miss every detail of the quality requirements of each pair of eyelashes. Some Mink Lash suppliers use inferior glue, which causes the eyelashes to be too hard. Too sharp eyelashes can hurt the user’s eyes. Spicy chemical odors result from the use of chemicals that can easily produce 3D effects at low cost. These chemicals can cause damage to your health.

So if you choose to cooperate with us to choose our eyelash products, it is equivalent to choosing a life-long guaranteed product, so that you will be very happy with each transaction.


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Some tips for communicating with customers

They are sending you emails, and as long as you are unfamiliar with each other, you should cherish and appreciate their emails. Now time is limited, people are very busy, they need the products you provide. When customers are interested in this eyelash business, they need your help and guidance as a supplier to grow or expand their business from the start. Suppliers need to understand the customer’s situation, seek customer confusion, and guide the customer correctly, and propose the best solution for the customer.
After understanding the customer’s situation and confusion, the basic problems customers face basically depend on the type of customer you have.
Customers are divided into three categories:
 – People who have done this industry before and need to know the price,
 – Those who see others selling well and want to ask about the situation.
 – Those new customers who are interested in eyelashes.

As long as you have experience with eyelashes, you can help your customers.

Choose the best quality products and choose competitive prices, then our products are suitable for you, because our products are of very high quality, but when we provide the quality of the products, our prices are very cheap, our production The cost is very high, and the products of different grades and styles do not have the same price.

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How to identify the real manufacturer

On the Internet, everyone says they are manufacturers, how should we distinguish them?

  On the Internet, everyone says they are, and it’s easy for everyone to paste other photos onto their own website, making it hard to find the difference.

  And the world is always fortunate to work hard, and Baidu, Google, encourage hard-working people, insist on doing one, so have you seen his website heard? Is it honest to talk to you? Is it enough creative ability? Does it help the market? Is it capable of helping you solve problems during the sales process?

Delivery date is fast? The most important thing is not to urgently order the order, even for larger orders, consider whether it is stable batch quality and delivery date?

Believe in yourself, honesty can touch anyone.

Why choose our 3D water eyelashes?

Eyelashes are needed every day, everyone needs it, and the market is huge.

Eyelashes belong to cosmetics and belong to the economic field. The economy is poor and needs to be bigger. It is not affected by the economy.

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Beauty Eyelash tools


Eyelash glue is black glue and white glue, black glue can also be used as eyeliner, white can only bond false eyelashes. False eyelash glue is fast and strong, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and does not damage sensitive skin. False eyelashes using false eyelash glue can be repeatedly applied, and the glue on the false eyelashes can be removed during makeup removal.

The glue raw material is imported without any harmful substances, and has no odor, and does not have any uncomfortable feeling when pasted.

beauty glue

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The general meaning of innovation

The society is constantly moving forward. The stability of innovation will be affected by the speed of social development. The faster social development, the higher the frequency of innovation. Instead, the lower the frequency. Today, we have entered the era of deep Internet. The development of

society can be described as a journey of a thousand miles. It is easy to get too much information in various social contexts. Follow and imitation can only be eliminated, because other people you know also know that the end result is that everyone is eager to find new things, all kinds of pseudo-innovation and invalid innovation. It has dragged down the progress of progress and is ultimately not good for everyone.

So what is the meaning of innovation for eyelashes?

please look forward to the next article。。。。。

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Beauty Eyelashes Style

Beauty Eyelash has a lot of thousands of styles. Today I mainly talk about the most popular series in our company.

The first is the 3D series from 10mm to 16mm. This style of product is very layered and closer to your own eyelashes.

The second series is a 15mm A natural style. This series is more close to the real eyelashes. The layering is not so strong. It is suitable for lively and cheerful characters.

The third series is the 25mm DH series. This eyelash is called the big eyelashes. It has a very stretched feel on the length. It is very obvious after wearing. It is suitable for girls with very personality.

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How to trim the length of the eyelashes

More attentive friends will find that when we buy new fake eyelashes, there are many shortcomings. For example, the phenomenon of uneven thickness, uneven color, and varying lengths. Because in case the length of the false eyelashes is the same as the length of the eyelids, the eyelashes can easily fall off the corners of the eyes when the eyes are closed, so the eyelashes must be slightly trimmed first.

The method of trimming is simple. False eyelashes are mostly mountain-shaped and are staggered in length. Before use, please trim the false eyelashes according to the following methods: first cut off the nearest one from the corner of the eye by one-third of the length; then cut the last two false eyelashes in half; then cut the fourth fake One quarter of the eyelashes; the next fifth root becomes the first one, which is trimmed in order. The false eyelashes after this trimming will look natural. 

Next, before putting on the false eyelashes, first roll the original eyelashes with the curler, so that the eyelashes are the same as the false eyelashes, and then the false eyelashes are worn.

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The history of false eyelashes(2)

In 1931, the first eyelash curler, Kurlash, was introduced. This $5 eyelash curler can be used for 10 minutes on each eye to make the eyelashes curl.

In 1938, the Austrian dance performer Helene Vierthaler Winterstein patented his claim for “the first waterproof mascara”. However, this product containing 50% rosin component can cause allergic reactions.

In 1950, Maybelline scientists began to make beeswax, elastic fiber

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The history of false eyelashes(1)

In 1913, the American chemist Williams got the sweetheart to help his sister Meibao, and invented a beautiful eyelash “magic stick” with toner and vaseline. Williams himself was inspired to create the Maybelline brand.

In 1914, the makeup artist Max factor invented the “Crayon Mascara”, which can be applied to the eyelashes by heating the mascara to increase the eyelash effect.

In 1931, the first eyelash curler, Kurlash, was introduced. This $5 eyelash curler can be used for 10 minutes on each eye to make the eyelashes curl.

Waiting for subsequent……..

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Product classification of false eyelashes

According to the work can be divided into manual eyelashes, semi-hand eyelashes, and mechanism eyelashes.

Hand-made eyelashes: Hand-made, one by one, the eyelashes are pulled up, work fine, convenient and practical. However, the process is complicated and the output is limited by labor.

Semi-hand lashes: The first few processes use machines, and the latter two processes are also artificial. The lashes are relatively flat and look good.
Mechanism eyelashes: mainly machine making, but a small part will use artificial. The product has a beautiful appearance, low cost and large output.

According to the purpose: cloth doll eyelashes, film eyelashes, artificial eyelashes, holiday hair, daily eyelashes.

Doll Eyelashes: It is an eyelash for dolls and other dolls.
Film-type eyelashes: After wearing, the three-dimensional effect of the eyes is very obvious, suitable for photographic makeup, stage makeup and so on.